Provision Distribution to the poor at Kannagi Nagar

The whole world is affected by Corona virus (COVID 19) Second Wave. Most of the elderly people from Kannagi Nagar have been affected by the virus and lost their lives in this second wave. As the initial sign of COVID-19 2nd wave emerged, India is still struggling to vaccinate its vast population and strict lockdowns imposed by both central and state government in almost all parts of the country. No work, no money and no ways to provide food for the migrant families at Kannagi Nagar.

Their vulnerable situation urged us to look for more help from good sponsors to reach out to their needs. Since the Indian Government implemented complete lockdown from 10th May 2021 – 30thJune 2021, many people have lost their livelihood, jobs and small-scale business etc. Since children were at home without going to the school parents found very difficult to manage the children too.

On 5th July 2021, we reached out to 400 families through the Children, Self Help Group Women and Elders who were in need and support. Precaution methods were taken while distributing the Provisions. Social distance was well maintained, and Mask was given to all the beneficiaries.

In the Morning at 11.00. am the elderly people who are living alone without any support were called and provided with the provisions through the parish Priest of Kannagi Nagar Rev. Fr. Edal Navis. They were very happy to receive the food materials. Then again at 4.00 pm the distribution of provision were arranged for the study centre /tuition children. It was the timely help in need for the people to arrange and distribute the provision. Our study centre teachers, SHG Leaders extended their help to keep the things set ready for the distribution, so that people could take without any problem. Marialaya social service society was very particular that the community of Kannagi Nagar must be very safe and secure by maintaining social distance. At 5.00 pm we arranged distribution for the Self Help Group Women. Sr. Nirmala Mudiappaswamy and Sr. Navaneethan Gloria headed the distribution and our coordinators, staff helped us in distributing provision for the people. People followed our instructions well and kept the social distance and wore mask. People were happy and satisfied with the provisions given and thanked Marialaya Sisters for the help rendered.  On Behalf of the Elders group, Marialaya team were presented with a handmade memento as a token of gratitude. Everyone thanked.