Annual Programs

The day you help others is the day you start living. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Annual Programs

01 Grocery Distribution 18.07.2020
02 Awareness on Child Abuse 07.08.2020
03 Awareness on Child Rights and Educational Rights 12.08.2020
04 Provision Distribution 13.08.2020
05 Independence Day Celebration 15.08.2020
06 CPC Training Program 28.08.2020 to 29.08.2020
07 Teachers Day Celebration 05.09.2020
08 Girl Child Day Celebration 08.09.2020
09 Awareness on Covid 19 (Nutrition, Menstrual Hygiene, Karate & Human Trafficking, Yoga ) 27.09.2020 to 29.09.2020
10 Leadership Training Program 30.09.2020
11 Children Parliament Training 08.10.2020
12 Children Parliament Follow-Up 07.11.2020 & 21.11.2020
13 Children’s Day Celebration 20.11.2020
14 Children’s Day Gift Distribution 22.11.2020
15 SHG Account Opening 24.11.2020
16 Children Parliament Follow-Up 05.12.2020, 10.12.2020 & 16.12.2020
17 Human Rights Day 10.12.2020
18 Awareness on Child Marriage 12.12.2020
19 Christmas Celebration – Children Christmas Celebration – Teachers 19.12.2020 22.12.2020
20 Bank Loan Disbursement ICICI 06.01.2021
21 Staff Meeting 07.01.2021
22 Pongal Celebration – Children 12.01.2021
23 Women Group Meeting 18.01.2021
24 Loan Register Checking 19.01.2021
25 Republic Day Celebration 26.01.2021
26 Pongal Celebration – Women 29.01.2021
27 Provision Distribution 19.02.2021
28 Staff Meeting 27.02.2021
29 Children Parliament Revising Orientation 03.03.2021 to 04.03.2021 & 20.03.2021
30 Women’s Day Celebrations 22.03.2021
31 New Group Formation Orientation 25.03.2021 & 29.03.2021
32 Sports Events for the Children of Evening Study Centres 26.03.2021 to 31.03.2021
33 Awareness on Legal Rights for youth 18.04.2021
34 Children’s Annual Day Celebration 28.04.2021
35 MFET Orientation  for staff 28.04.2021
36 New Women Group Formation 05.05.2021

Awareness programmes

Once a month with the collaboration of other like-minded organizations/NGOs, Marialaya organizes awareness programs/initiatives for all the groups in the community. These programs are conducted to increase people’s knowledge to prevent violence and promote safety and take action on various Health Issues, Legal issues, etc.

  1. World Environment day: As an act of responsible citizenship Marialaya organised tree plantation and plastic awareness programme.
  2. Awareness on mind your mind: The main theme of our session was “Mind your mind”. This session was one of the most memorable moments for the children.
  3. Awareness programme on POCSO (Protection of children from of Sexual offence). The children were given the importance and difference of safe touch and unsafe touch, the touch of different people. The children were also made aware of being the boss of their body and how important each one’s body is. The defensive mechanism told to them are – if someone touches you, you should say No, next shout for help, and tell someone you trust and lastly RUN from the place.

Covid-19 Intervention

Now, the children’s parliament members along with other children are waging war against Covid-19. They prepare the posters and teach the elders to safe guard themselves by following the instructions given. In every house we see the posters prepared by our children. They safe guard themselves from the disease and also save their families and the community in general. They are waiting to take up their position as ministers in the upcoming academic year June 2021- April 2022.

Join Hands With Us

Are you interested in helping out MARIALAYA as a volunteer?
You can post a request or drop in directly at our centre at Kannagi Nagar.