COVID Vaccination Camp at Kannagi Nagar

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic back in March 2020, the virus has destroyed more than 2.5 million lives globally. The pandemic has impacted almost every corner of life, causing global economies to fall, changing our lifestyle and our interaction with our loved ones. To control the virus scientists tried their level best and found the vaccines. COVID-19 Vaccines were found to be effective and they help keeping the humans beings from getting seriously ill and protect themselves.

Keeping this in mind, Marialaya has planned for free Covid-19 Vaccination camp for its people at Kannagi Nagar in collaboration with Voluntary Health Service and Greater Chennai Corporation. The camp organized at Arockiya Annai Church, Kannagi Nagar on 13th July at 10.00 a.m. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Usha, the Zonal Health Officer, Sr. Nirmala Mudiappaswamy, Directress – Marialaya, Dr. Ilanchezhian, Project Head – Voluntary Health Service Mr. Pon Murugan, Sanitary Health Inspector. Dr. Usha and Dr. Ilanchezhian instructed the people on the importance of getting vaccinated and its efficacy.

The staff of Marialaya and Volunteer Health Service together made all the arrangements to set ready for the vaccination. At 10.30 a.m. the Directress of Marialaya and other chief guests arrived and started with the first vaccination. People were given tokens to maintain the systematic way of discipline by maintaining social distance, using sanitizers and wearing of masks. As per the token number people were called and registered with the Aadhar Identification number and their contact number.

After registering in the first counter the people were sent to the physician to get professional advice on the effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccines. Then the people got vaccinated by a Nurse in the next counter. Totally 112 people benefitted from the free vaccination camp. The camp ended at 01.00 p.m. The event was a great success. When people were in fear of vaccines and its effects, Marialaya was able to mobilize 100+ people and get them vaccinated to fight against this Corona Virus. People were very thankful for the organisers as they were able to get vaccinated at their doorstep. Through this camp Marialaya was able to reach out to the most needed people in Kannagi Nagar.